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Invest in India is an initiative to market India as an investment destination all over the globe, to provide a networking platform to the Indian businesses at a global level and to provide information to the international investors including NRIs about investment opportunities in India.


Invest in India has following products to guarantee excellent exposure of Indian businesses, industries, states, cities, government bodies and other organisations to the global community who are keen to learn about and explore investment opportunities in India.

-    Online Platform - www.investinindia.com
-    Printed and digital magazine "Invest in India"
-    Events, Conferences and Exhibitions


Key Goals:

To promote and market India’s core investment/export industries including skills to international markets, while targeting government leaders and departments, business leaders, captains of industry and high net-worth investors seeking to learn more about India’s unique investment opportunities.


Target Industries:

Agriculture, Mining, Resources, Cleantech, Energy, Education, Real Estate, Hospitality, Human Resource, Health, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Sports, Financial Services, Entertainment & media, Infrastructure & Construction, Tourism, Transport etc.


A Goldman Sachs report predicts that “from 2007 to 2020, India’s GDP per capita will quadruple,” And that the Indian economy will surpass the United States.


India’s growth has averaged 7.5% a year, increases which will double the average income within a decade. Faster growth has resulted in India becoming the third largest economy in the world (after the United States and China and just ahead of Japan) in 2006. OECD, Economic Survey of India, 2007


Invest in India is organised by Hanko Hackberry Group and their events, magazines and other initiatives are supported by various trade, business associations and other organisations.


Invest in India Magazine

Invest in India is the essential resource for investors seeking to learn more about India’s unique investment opportunities. Through the Invest in India magazine and website, we aim to market India as an investment destination all over the globe, to provide a networking platform for Indian businesses at a global level and to showcase our core investment/export industries. Aligned with regular Invest in India conferences and trade events, we bring together members of the international business and investment community to network and share information, ensuring the highest levels of exposure for your company.




www.investinindia.com is a rich information resource for the international investors and NRIs. The website is organised by industry and by state and city, so investors are able to focus on information about businesses and opportunities in their particular area of interest. The website provides news, articles and profiles on various topics of interest regarding investment in India, as well as a directory of company and project listings. Users can get in touch with companies listed through a contact form on the website, providing lead generation tracking. A monthly e-newsletter will provide subscribers with regular updates on the latest articles and profiles available through www.investinindia.com – so investors don’t miss an opportunity. If you’re looking to promote your Indian investment opportunity to international investors, there is a range of advertising opportunities available on www.investinindia.com.


Advertising policies:


Invest in India is a professional and clean portal where we choose and invite advertisers based on their fit. We keep our advertising simple, clean and high quality. You can contact us to find out if we can advertise your profile, investment opportunity or Banner(s).



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