Invest in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the industrial and financial center of the Indian north-western state of Haryana. It is also one of New Delhi's, India's national Capital, dominant satellite cities. Known as the call center capital of the world-wide, Gurgaon is now considered to be one of the best Indian cities to work and live in.


It is a millennium city which was identified as one of the most potential destinations for investors when the Indian Economy opened its markets to foreign investors in the 1990s.


In the view of its potential of becoming global, the government of India, the state as well as central government, initiated several policies which were cumbersome to investment. For this the government of Haryana, the state in which Gurgaon is situated, has made Gurgaon grant a favorable tax policy and it has now become one of the most prominent off shoring and outsourcing center in the world and the cynosure of various MNC's.


Why invest in Gurgaon?


Gurgaon is one of the most excellent locations in India to start an industry. It has a stable law and order set-up coupled with peaceful environments. Owing to these factors, it has already managed to attract several multi-national companies, foreign investors, NRI and large business houses.


Social and Supportive Infrastructure: Gurgaon has a proper social and supportive infrastructure in place which is mandatory for investment. Several infrastructure projects are in the pipeline. Due to the increasing number of SEZs, Gurgaon is now on the brink of being called a separate 'SEZ country'. From housing complexes, food parks express highways and Special Economic Zones Gurgaon perfectly epitomizes the massive developing nature of India's economy.


Furthermore, Gurgaon offers good quality and inexpensive office buildings and residential places and its closeness to New Delhi and its easy connectivity to the International airport is an added attraction.


Investment opportunities in Gurgaon


Retailing and Property Development: Gurgaon is the fastest developing retailing and developing markets in India.  A mammoth commercial building with a space of 1.4 million sq. ft is soon going to come to Gurgaon and the same pace of activity is going to take place in the property market.


Textiles and Ready-made garments: Gurgaon is also a haven for Textiles and Ready-made garments. Gurgaon has a large number of small and medium garment manufacturing and textile enterprises. The presence of sourcing agents representing foreign buyers and the presence of large and medium buying houses is an added attraction for investors.


IT/ITES: The main industry in Gurgaon is the IT industry. Gurgaon is one of the biggest places for Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) facilities in India.


To conclude, because of new and innovative additions and massive constructions, Gurgaon a step higher being the investor's destination in comparison to other Indian Cities. With more and more developers trying to build a base in the city of Gurgaon, it has become a land of concessions and lucrative options for investors. All in all one of the hot-bed location in India which investors should not overlook.