Invest in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. It is a world renowned tourist destination and has a very rich culture and heritage. It is known as the 'pink city' of India. It has majestic forts and palaces which are popular tourist destinations. In addition to having a rich historical background the city also has a well developed infrastructure in place.


Jaipur is well connected with most major cities. It is also very close to Agra and Delhi, the capital of India. The infrastructure in Jaipur is well developed. The road, rail and aerial transport routes are also well developed. In fact, Jaipur  has an  international airport, the only one in Rajasthan. Hence, it offers great connectivity.


There are many avenues for foreign investment in Jaipur. Primary amongst them is the tourist industry. Both foreign and local tourists come to visit Jaipur every year. The tourist destinations such as Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar and the City Palace are the most popular and frequently visited tourist destinations.


The software and IT industry is also growing in Jaipur. Many BPO companies have already set up their operations in the city. The improving infrastructure and cost-effectiveness are pivotal in making Jaipur a preferred destination for software industries.

IT parks have also come up in Jaipur owing to the initiatives of the government. As the BPO and software industry is poised to grow further, this sector offers lots of scope for foreign investment.


Jaipur also offers great potential in the gem and jewelry industry. It is a world-renowned city for fine-cut semi-precious and precious stones and gems. These gems are in great demand in India and worldwide. Jaipur exports a wide collection of gold, platinum and studded jewelry. It also has an Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) at Sitapura set up by the Rajasthan State Industrial and Investment Corporation (RIICO). Since, the gems and jewelry industry will never lose its gleam, it offers great scope for investment.


Jaipur is also famous for its textile industry. There is a huge demand for Indian textiles in the foreign market. Also, while visiting the city, it is a popular choice to buy garments.

Availability of raw materials is abundant and skilled workmanship is the significant factor for the success of this industry. Hence, this is also a lucrative option for investment.


The mining industry is also a potential investment sector for foreigners. Base and noble metals are found in Jaipur. Real estate is yet another growing field which offers potential. With industrialization, the infrastructure needs are also going to rise and offer good investment potential. Another industry is the retail industry. As people in India are vying for foreign brands and better quality services and products, this industry also presents many opportunities.


The government has also taken initiatives by setting up special economic zones, export promotional parks and special purpose industrial parks to give a boost to various industries in Jaipur. It also provides other incentives to investors to set up their operations in Jaipur. 


Thus, the city of Jaipur offers good investment opportunities for foreign investors.