Invest in Mysore

Mysore, situated in the southern state of Karnataka, India, is the second largest city of the state. The city is one of major tourist attractions in India. The city is referred to as the cultural capital of Karnataka.


Today, Mysore is not known just for its tourist spots, but is also known for being one of the commercial hubs in India. Mysore is growing by leaps and bounds and is emerging as one of the most preferred destinations in India for foreign investment.


The easy availability of infrastructure facilities in adequate proportions is vital for the growth and development of industry in any area. And in Mysore, the infrastructure is ready, which is why numerous foreign investors are keen to invest in the state.


Land, the most basic infrastructure for development of industry, is available in plenty in Mysore and the government allows it to be used by foreign investors investing in the city.


Mysore also has round the clock power supply, another very vital ingredient for industry development.


The city has a well connected transport system throughout the city. The rail and road transport connects all parts of the city. The transport system of the city is also well connected to other important and neighboring cities in the state.


Human resource, which is the backbone of any industry, is easily available in Mysore. The city has plenty of technically skilled and highly educated workforces.


Apart from the easy and plentiful availability of infrastructures, the government of Karnataka also plays a pivotal role in attracting foreign investment to the city. The government provides several tax benefits to investors, ensures that there is a healthy business environment in the city and comes up with several incentive schemes from time to time to lure new investment to the city.


The following sectors promise great investment opportunities:


Information Technology:

Like Bangalore, Mysore is on of the most favored locations for foreign investors to invest in the IT and ITES sector. The city is among the few cities in India which has the most investor conducive foreign investment policy. The government of Karnataka has been constantly putting in maximum efforts to make the city an IT hub and has come to a favorable investment policy to attract new investments.


The government has been proactive in setting up e-governance area, and has computerized all the government offices in the city. The government is also keen on introducing computers to all educational institutes. Thus, there is a great opportunity for making valuable profits by investing in the IT sector of Mysore.


Bio-Tech Industry:

Mysore is one of the leading cities in India which has an excellent infrastructure for the growth of Bio-Technology industry. The infrastructure is aptly underpinned by a well structured environment for biotech research. Mysore also houses some of the best Research and Development laboratories, with world class amenities to enable a quality research process.


Mysore, which is located in the state of Karnataka, is one of the first states in India to host a large scale biotech center under a public sector undertaking to facilitate and meet the needs of the farmers in the city. The government aims to provide quality plant materials to the farmers of Mysore and preserve the genetic diversity of horticulture plants. Thus, there is a great investment opportunity for foreign investors to invest in the sector.


Thus, with the proactive government support and the natural endowment the city, Mysore is poised to be the leading commercial hub in India with several investors already keen to invest in the city.