Noida is located in the northwestern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city, popularly know as the Planned Township, is located in proximity to the Indian National City, New Delhi (about 20 km). Noida, which stands for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is a home city for about 500,000 lakhs residents. The city of Noida has the privilege of being one of the leading industrial cities in India.


The government of Uttar Pradesh has put in maximum efforts in help the city grow. World-class infrastructure facilities will attract foreign investment in the city and help the city grow further. The Uttar Pradesh government is leaving no stone unturned in setting up a conducive business environment in the city so as to lure new investors.


The government has from several policy schemes and has undertaken measures to provide incentives to foreign investors. The government provides the following benefits to boost foreign investment in the city:


  • The government provides tax benefits to investors
  • It helps investors know the current market trend
  • It allows investors to have free access to the abundant natural resource base   of supreme quality.
  • The government allows 100% foreign equity


Apart from these government incentives, Noida is one of the best places in India to invest in due to the following reasons:


  • Noida has a great rail and road connectivity throughout the city and is connected to all other major cities in the state.
  • The city boasts of state-of-the-art hospitals and some of the most reputed academic institutions. Noida has 14 Engineering, 8 Management Schools and some of the best Research and Development centers.
  • Noida has well set-up telecommunication systems throughout the city to facilitate easy communication.
  • There is an abundant supply of highly educated and technically skilled workers
  • Easy availability of cheap labor
  • The positive outlook of the people and the aspiration of the people to lead a top quality life provides for a huge consumer base.


These advantageous features make the city of Noida one of the great places in India to invest in. The city offers investment opportunities in several industries. Some of the prominent sectors are discussed below:

Information Technology:

Noida is one of the leading destinations in India which attracts huge foreign investment in the IT sector. This is mainly due to the availability of high quality infrastructures, good social environment, a conducive environmental condition and, most importantly, the government’s initiative to computerize all the government's offices and connect the offices through computer networking.  


Real Estate Industry:

With a growing number of investors investing in the IT sector, it has given rise to demand for the construction of residential buildings and commercial complexes. The pollution free environment of the region, well planned sector layouts, continuous power supply, wide roads, abundant open spaces and the rising number of industrial conglomerates setting up bases in the city, draw people to reside in the city. There is a great scope for investors to invest in Noida's real estate sector and earn great returns.