Invest in India Online Magazine

Invest in India is a pioneering concept, to establish a published product and create a website/portal which promotes and markets India’s core investment/export industries to international markets, while targeting government leaders and departments, business leaders, captains of industry and high net-worth investors seeking to learn more about India’s unique investment opportunities.


Invest in India - Magazine, is the first kind of magazine which would be published in print and digital version by specific publications showcasing the importance of India as an international hub for investment and bilateral trade. The Indian economy is the third largest in the world with a gross domestic product of US$3.3 trillion. India’s population equates to 17% of the world population with a middle class of 50 million people forecast as, "The next Big Spender" in the world economy, according to market research by the company, McKinsey. With India and China the only two economies in the current climate showing growth, Invest in India provides a platform for investors globally to learn more about the substantial investment opportunities that exist in India.


Contents are aimed at providing an overview of India’s key industry sectors on a nationwide and state-by-state basis. With a print run and distribution thru emails, print copies at 5 star properties in India, various trade orgnisations worldwide, Invest in India events and worldwide businesses, it will be an ideal channel to reach the affluent investment market.


Readership: CEO’s, MD’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, Government Ministers and departments, high net worth investors.