Index Numbers of Wholesale Price in India (Base: 2004-05=100)

Review for the month of February, 2017 

            The official Wholesale Price Index for ‘All Commodities’ (Base: 2004-05=100) for the month of February, 2017 rose by 0.5 percent to 185.5 (provisional) from 184.6 (provisional) for the previous month.




The annual rate of inflation, based on monthly WPI, stood at 6.55% (provisional) for the month of February, 2017 (over February, 2016) as compared to 5.25% (provisional) for the previous month and -0.85% during the corresponding month of the previous year.  Build up inflation rate in the financial year so far was 5.82% compared to a build up rate of -1.14% in the corresponding period of the previous year.


Inflation for important commodities / commodity groups is indicated in Annex-1 and Annex-II.

The movement of the index for the various commodity groups is summarized below:-


PRIMARY ARTICLES (Weight 20.12%)


The index for this major group rose by 0.9 percent to 258.1 (provisional) from 255.7 (provisional) for the previous month. The groups and items which showed variations during the month are as follows:-


The index for  ‘Food Articles’ group rose by 0.1 percent to 267.5 (provisional) from 267.2  (provisional) for the previous month due to higher price of fruits & vegetables (5%), jowar and poultry chicken (2% each) and rice, bajra, fish-inland,      ragi and beef & buffalo meat (1% each).  However, the price of gram (14%), arhar (7%), condiments & spices (6%),      urad (5%), tea and masur (3% each), egg, moong and maize (2% each) and wheat and coffee (1% each) declined.


The index for  ‘Non-Food Articles’  group rose by 1.5 percent to 234.8 (provisional) from 231.3 (provisional) for the previous month due to higher price of flowers (13%), copra (coconut) (9%), raw rubber (8%), raw silk (4%), raw cotton (3%), gingelly seed (2%) and coir fibre, fodder, safflower (kardi seed), niger seed and cotton seed (1% each).  However, the price of linseed, rape & mustard seed, soyabean and mesta (2% each) and sunflower, raw wool, groundnut seed,      hides (raw) and castor seed (1% each) declined.


The index for ‘Minerals’ group rose by 9.0 percent to 234.8 (provisional) from 215.5 (provisional) for the previous month due to higher price of manganese ore (24%), crude petroleum (13%), copper ore (11%)