India, UK to set up team to work on economic ties post Brexit

In preparation for Brexit, India and UK have decided to set up a small team to work on the economic relationship between the two countries after the UK exits the European Union on October 31.


The discussion centred around the bilateral relationship, said foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale. “Prime minister Johnson said it was important for access to be given for talented Indians to the UK, and the value they bring to the society and economy of the UK. India and UK also agreed to join forces in Africa. India has teamed up with several others to aid the development journey of Africa and give it an alternative to the mercantilist moves by China.


More important is an understanding between the two countries on the situation in the Gulf and “the need to find a new pathway if the JCPOA is no longer operable”, Gokhale said.


In their final press conference Macron and Trump said the G7 leaders held talks about the fate of the JCPOA and Iran — the bottom line, Macron said, was that Iran would not be allowed to go nuclear. Clearly, there was little give from the US on Iran. Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister held three hours of talks with Yves Le Drian of France, but Tehran’s request that they are allowed to sell 7,00,000 barrels of oil a day was rejected.


PM Modi congratulated Johnson on his election and pushed the economic relationship with the UK. The India-UK relationship provided the overwhelming majority of India’s ties with the EU. With the UK set to leave, the contours of the India-UK commercial relationship would have to be reworked.