New telecom policy will be operated instead of connectivity - Manoj Sinha

The Minister of Communications, Shri Manoj Sinha has said that his ministry is preparing a new Telecommunication Policy which will be operated rather than the connectivity of the National Telecommunication Policy, 2012. Addressing a seminar on 'Information Communication Technology: Birth of New Operation Methods' here today, he said that the new policy will focus on the end user and new opportunities for expansion of availability of telecom services will be explored. He said that for the first time the government has decided to include a group of experts outside the department to formulate a new policy, So that more information and suggestions can be obtained from the citizens and the stakeholders about the new policy.


The Minister said that in the era of knowledge density, the telecom sector has replaced the compulsory structure for socio-economic development. He said that the number of telephone connections reached around 1.2 billion in the country by April 2017, which included 1.17 billion wireless telephones. Similarly, the number of broadband connections has increased to 27.652 crore.


Mr. Sinha also said that FDI equity investment in the telecom sector has increased from USD 556.4 million in the period April 2016 to March 2017, four times more than the year 2013-14, and the average investment is about 1 per year. Has been 3 billion US dollars.


The Minister said that the need for inter-linked connectivity for digital India program and digital economy is needed. He also said that the government is also giving constant attention to the road infrastructure, which is essential for economic development.


On this occasion, Telecom Secretary Ms. Aruna Sundararajan said that the world wants to see India as an engine of development. It is expected from India that it has reached the current growth rate of 7.6 to 10 percent.