NITI Aayog urges Chinese business houses to make export-oriented investments in India

In an address at the CII India China Economic Cooperation Summit, NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said that India and China have agreed to identify non-tariff barriers and hold regular interactions among various industries to work towards better policies.


India-China defining partnership will provide the momentum and stability for global growth and stand against protectionism, said Kumar.

He assured Chinese investors of due support from the Indian government. He said that India will welcome all export oriented investment from China. There are opportunities for Chinese investment in infrastructure, railways, roads, ports and airports.


The economic cooperation forum covered discussions on manufacturing, digital infrastructure and renewable sector.


He added that there is scope to learn from China's growth trajectory.


"There is a lot to learn from the Chinese experience. The Chinese economy has grown through their efforts, skill development, achievements in science and technology and artificial intelligence. It is time we think of working together towards human resource development in India," said Kumar.


He said that with the governments working hand in hand, the countries will surely reach the target of 100 billion bilateral trade in the next two years. India and China also aim to surpass the target of 20 billion foreign direct investment between  the two countries.


India and China also signed an MoU on circular economy cooperation and another MoU on strategic cooperation on sewage reuse projects in industrial parks.