wind-power project in Gujarat by Vestas India and Sustainable Energy Australasia

Vestas India and Sustainable Energy Australasia Limited are in discussion to set up wind-power projects in India. At this time Vestas have proposed a 6.6 Megawatt wind farm to be jointly developed in Vandhiya, Gujarat.

Gujarat state has a total power generation capacity of 13565 MW with thermal power accounting for 78% of the generation. Renewable energy sources account for 12% of the State's power capacity. The state government recently unveiled a new policy to enourage further solar and wind energy development.

The proposed Vandhiya wind farm would comprises of 4 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), each having a rated power of 1.65MW and making up a total installed capacity of 6.6 MW. The WTGs will be connected by an internal 33 kV overhead line which in turn would be connected to 33kV/110kV switchgear at the nearest substation at Surajbari.



27 April 2010

Sustainable Energy Australasia