Invest in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh (AP) is located on the southeastern coast of India. The state is fourth largest in terms of area and fifth largest in terms of country population. Hyderabad is the capital as well as the largest city in the state.


Other important cities of the state are Secunderabad (the twin city of Hyderabad), Visakhapatnam (the second-1argest city in the state and the largest cargo handling port in the country), Vijayawada (the third-largest city and main trading center) and Nellore (the largest port). Other cities and towns of importance are Tirupati, Warangal, Guntur, and Nizamabad.


AP is also known as the “Gate of South East Asia” as access to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia is very easy from here. The state of AP is very strategically located. It is within 1–2 hours of flying distance from all major business states of India. Andhra has one of the five most progressive economies out of all India states and is quickly growing to have the number one progressive economy.


The state is rich in natural resources. It has several bauxite, uranium, and granite reserves. The state is also home to many aluminum, steel, cement, and thermal power plants. The Krishna-Godavari basin in AP contains the country's largest natural gas reserve.


Andhra Pradesh is the base for agricultural activities and food processing. The main occupation of the state is agriculture, which employs over 65% of its population. The state is the second-largest producer of value-added food products and beverages.


World-class drug research and development institutes have made AP their base. The state contributes to one-third of the country's bulk drug production.


Andhra has a rapidly growing IT/ITES sector. Major global software giants have made the state their home in India. The state registered the country's highest growth rate of 65% in the software industry.


The state has world-class infrastructure. It is very well connected by rail, road, and air networks to domestic and foreign locations. AP also has premier management and technological educational institutes.


The state of AP houses many large public and private sector enterprises that manufacture a variety of products, such as cement, paper, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and missiles. 52 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are being developed in the state.


The AP government has announced a slew of policies to encourage investment. Furthermore, the government is committed to creation of state-of-the-art infrastructure, investor friendly policies, and simplifying the rules and regulations, which all make AP the preferred choice of investors in the country. The state offers customized incentives to megaprojects that bring in an investment of more than $20 million to the state. There is no lack of funding for the right project in the state.


Andhra Pradesh has a skilled workforce. About one-fourth of Indian software professionals in the US are from Andhra.


It has been estimated that AP will become a $300 billion economy by the end of 2010. The state has an objective to achieve 10% growth in industrial development every year by promoting competitive and efficient industrial growth. The vibrant economy of AP is the right place to invest in.

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