Chhattisgarh is carved from Madhya Pradesh. It is surrounded on all four sides by states. It has the Vindhyachal mountains surrounding its perimeter.   Chhattisgarh is very rich culturally. It comprises prehistoric temples, palaces, caves, and monuments. It is blessed with many natural resources, such as waterfalls, wildlife, and forests. It is also the richest in mineral reserves. It contains all the tin ore deposits in India. The best...
Agriculture:   Chhattisgarh is mainly a Kharif crop–producing state. The crop that is produced abundantly is rice. Other crops include soybean, sunflowers, groundnuts, maize, wheat, and pulses. Horticulture crops are also grown. This sector offers an avenue for entrepreneurs to look at and explore through the exports medium.   Mineral Reserves:   A variety of minerals are found in the sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks in...
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