Invest in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh (HP) is situated in the north of India. It is a mountainous state with an elevation of about 6,000 feet. Shimla is the capital of the state.


The climate of the state is favorable for the production of a wide array of crops, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, and commercial crops. The state is also rich in minerals, such as limestone, copper, rock salt, brass, gold, gypsum, mica, and natural gas.


The availability of a skilled workforce, proactive attitude of the state government and a well developed transportation network enables HP to be approachable by air, railways, and roadways. The best part about the state is that it offers a peaceful industrial environment. The state is known for having a negligible number of strikes and labor unrest. The government of HP is keen on promoting agro-based and forest-based food processing, beverages, information technology, electronics, and hi-tech industries.


The government has announced a slew of policies to attract more investors to the state. These policies make the process of investment in the state easier. One of the most important policies is the Industrial Policy, which has been developed to speed up the industrial expansion in the state.  The main objective of the policy is to achieve uniform growth of industry over the entire state.  This policy also aims to develop key infrastructural sectors, such as housing, power, vocational education, human resource development, and social infrastructure development. The policy also addresses issues that hinder the growth of industry in the state and ways to overcome these obstacles.


The Biotechnology Policy is another important policy. The policy has been developed with a vision to provide support to R&D units. The state also aims to attract investors to set up biotechnology-based industries in the state, conserve and utilize bioresources of the state to achieve sustainable development, encourage farming of high-value cash crops, and step up R&D efforts in the fields of human health, animal husbandry, and agriculture.


The state also has an ecotourism policy that has an objective to make the state a leading destination for ecotourism in the country by 2010. The policy has been formulated to protect and preserve the flora and fauna, promote ecotourism to benefit the local people and generate jobs for them, coordinate with other departments (fisheries, handicrafts) to further the cause of ecotourism and to take on sustainable private–public partnership in the field of ecotourism.


Industrialization has made significant progress in the state during the last few years. The state is home to about 34,835 industrial units (small-, medium-, and large-scale) with an investment of about 6,400 crores. These industries employ approximately 2.13 lakh people.


Thanks to these advantages, HP is one of the most preferred destinations of investors in India. The state holds great potential for investment in tourism and related activities.  Many small and big entrepreneurs have made the state their home by setting up industrial units. The different sectors of the state's economy offer multiple investment options. Moreover, the HP government offers a number of fiscal and tax benefits to investors and entrepreneurs.