Invest in Kerala

Kerala is one of the most beautiful destinations in India. It is a major tourist attraction and also has the highest literacy rate in the country. Yet another amazing fact about Kerala is that it is the only state in India that has a higher ratio of girls than boys. Kerala also leads the other states in industrial development and per capita income.


Kerala has many beaches and sprawling fields of cocoa, coffee, and tea plantations. It's also famous for its backwaters and waterfalls. The wildlife and great climate combine to make this state a great destination for everyone. Kerala is also famous for its special ayurvedic massages and therapies.


Kerala offers immense prospects for the future as it's recording more growth on a daily basis. This growth in Kerala is prevalent through three sectors. The primary sector consists of agriculture, mining, fishing, and quarrying. The secondary sector comprises the manufacturing and construction industry, while the third sector consists of hotels and transportation.


Most of Kerala’s population depends on agriculture by harvesting cash crops. Kerala dominates production of spices, such as pepper, cardamom, and also nuts like areca nuts and cashews. It also leads in the production of cocoa, coffee, and tea. Agriculture in Kerala has the tag of producing the highest income per cropped area and is highly successful. This is one area you can look to invest in.


The tourism industry in Kerala is thriving and offers immense scope for the future. The efforts of the government to promote this state have led to many new avenues opening up and have spruced up the hotel and travel industries in the state. In fact, the tourism industry covers 13% of the state's GDP.


Kerala also has great scope to grow in the IT sector because of the initiatives taken by the government. Special concessions given to the IT sector have prompted many major software industries to set up their operations in the state. IT parks have already been opened up in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. This field offers great potential as Kerala has an excellent telecommunications network and has also proven to be cost-effective.


There is an abundance of resources naturally available in Kerala. So that makes it a major sector that one can tap into to ensure growth. The quarrying and mining industry has also rapidly grown in the state and offers good potential.


The manufacturing industry also holds prospects. The chemical and fertilizer manufacturing industry has grown. Construction is yet another area to be looked at. As the tourism and IT industries grow in the state, this opens up the gates for the construction industry.


The textile industry is gaining in prominence, too. Another area is the fishing industry. Kerala contributes about half of the country's marine fish requirements. Marine life, such as shrimp, sardines, lobster, tuna, and squid, has great demand overseas. And as the technology upgrades itself this sector promises more growth in the future. 


Thus, Kerala holds significant industrial potential due to good infrastructure facilities, such as power, the transport system, airports, ports, and the availability of rare minerals for anyone to invest in.