Developing and Leading Sectors in Tamil Nadu

 1. Biotechnology:


Tamil Nadu has plenty of bioresources. Various geographical terrains in the state offer tremendous biodiversity to the state. Investment opportunities exist with different biotechnology segments, namely (i) Medical/Healthcare, (ii) Food, (iii) Agriculture, (iv) Environment, and (v) Industrial Products.


2. Software and Electronics:


Tamil Nadu has recorded significant growth in IT, BPO, ITES, and BPO Hardware manufacturing sectors. Many software units are growing rapidly in the state. Tamil Nadu has become one of the most preferred destinations for both domestic and foreign direct investment. Leading Indian and international IT major corporations including Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), HCL, Patni Computers, Infosys, Standard Chartered Bank, ABN Amro, Accenture, Verizon, and Hexaware have established their operations in Tamil Nadu.


3. Chemicals and Petrochemicals


Tamil Nadu has a strong base in the chemicals industry and its petrochemical industry is on the threshold of rapid expansion. The city of Manali, located at the outskirts of Chennai, has become a major petrochemical complex. Leading producers, such as Orchid, Dadha Pharma, Cephlosporin, Malladi and Citadel, have set up their operations in Tamil Nadu.


Apart from these sectors, Tamil Nadu has a growing Agro and Food Processing and Automobile sector.